Joo Kim Tiah Decodes the Industry On September 18th, Joo Kim had the opportunity to participate in a discussion with fellow peers; Daniel Boffo (Boffo Properties) and Beau Jarvis (Wesgroup Properties). This panel of young leaders in the real estate development industry was chaired by one of Urban Development Institute’s (UDI) very own board members, David Porte.

We’ve managed to catch up with our CEO as he provides some insight to some of the topics discussed:

1. How do you define “success”?

JKT: I think success is defined when you have reached a level where you can impact people in a positive way. The bigger or further your reach, the more successful you are. Nothing is impossible. If you set your mind on something and if you really want it, you will achieve it.

2. What drew you to the industry?

JKT: I love how we are fulfilling one of the basic human needs, providing a roof over one’s head. We are building milestones and memories in people’s lives.

I also love how we are contributing to society, because we help build communities and neighbourhoods and shape a city. I would like to think that we are helping people who buy our end product or have crossed our paths, reach or elevate to another level in their lives. Hence, Elevating Lifestyles.

3. What really frustrates you (about the industry)?

JKT: How having a thriving business economy does not seem to be the priority for the mass majority here in Vancouver. It seems that there are many other things that take precedence, and it frustrates me when people don’t understand that without a thriving economy, we cannot solve many of the problems or issues we face.

4. How can the development industry have a positive contribution to the communities we work in?

JKT: Besides providing jobs and bringing economic activity, as developers we get to influence the way people live, work and play. We influence the way they interact and communicate with each other. We can build communities that encourage healthy living, human interaction and have efficient land use, lower carbon footprints and more sustainable practices. We can make their dreams of a home a reality.

5. What’s your 5-year plan/prediction for our industry?

JKT: I think we will continue to see development focused around transit. If the Broadway corridor goes through, we will see a lot of development activity in that area. In the not so far future, we will have sort of mini little cities or hubs in certain areas identified for densification. A few of those already have been identified at this point, like Oakridge and Marine Drive. I personally love living in an environment where all the amenities are at your doorstep and you can live, work and play in the same area.

6. Outside of work, what are you involved with?

JKT: I play drums in a metal band called INVIKTA and we are currently recording our demo. It’s taking a long time because we’re all so busy and only get to meet on the weekend.