Happy New Year and welcome back everyone!

As we have seen at our Christmas gathering, our little Holborn & TA family has grown to become quite a tribe! In order to ensure we keep the family vibes going strong, we are pleased to announce that Holborn & TA will officially launch an internal office wellness division. We have come to the conclusion that a healthy workplace means more than just warding off colds and flu. We want to create a more holistic approach taking in consideration the physical, spiritual and mental health of ourselves and our fellow colleagues. Being healthy means being happier and leads to more productivity in the workplace.

This is a brand new division so it’s a work in progress. Any feedback would be welcome and if anyone has interesting wellness articles or tidbits they would like to share, we encourage you to do so by sending an email to either Craig or Z.

To start this year off with a bang we have a few announcements.
1. Holborn & TA has created a group membership at Equinox (details will be included in an email). This includes reduced monthly dues as well as other exclusive goodies.
2. We will be participating again in the Vancouver Sun Run this year. Details will come soon.
3. We are also in the process of planning boot camps, more runs and friendly competitions which will include prizes. So stay tuned for those announcements.

The Office Wellness announcements will be made on a weekly basis and posted on the Holborn website in the  INTERNAL NEWS section.

If you have any questions comments, please feel free to contact either Craig or Z.