New Home + Condo Guide Article

Squamish: where the only thing more dramatic than the mountain views is the stunning alpine architecture. This is especially true of Holborn University
Heights, a new development being built in the Squamish Highlands near Quest University. Modern, sophisticated design by Dutch Architect Frits De Vries is complemented by understated, classic interior design in the show home. We asked Holborn’s design team how they balanced the indoor and outdoor settings for a harmonious home feeling.

NEW HOME + CONDO GUIDE: What was your over-arching design concept for this home?

HOLBORN DESIGN TEAM: When we designed these homes, we wanted to ensure that the architecture and interiors emphasized the surrounding landscape. Patios and balconies at both the front and rear of the homes, and open floor plans with oversized windows allowed us to create a strong visual connection between the interior spaces of our homes and the incredible nature views outside. Our goal for the interior staging was to highlight the unique millwork, open layouts, and modern fixtures without creating visual clutter that would compete with the scenery outside.

When we were staging our show home, we wanted the interiors to reflect a balance between active living and sophisticated aesthetics. The furniture, textiles and accessories are modern, streamlined and fresh, yet robust enough to withstand the rigors of daily life.

NH+CG: There is a very Zen quality to these interiors. How do you create warmth in a modern space
like this?

HDT: The staging of our show home was kept intentionally minimal to allow the architectural/interior design details to shine; a greater focus was placed on the interplay between textures, textile weaves and decorative finishes.

Our homes’ oversized windows allow for the interiors to be bathed in an abundance of natural light. We chose light off-white sheers for the main floor and master bedroom curtains because they give the rooms a beautiful airy quality when the sun shines through them.

The children’s rooms each feature their own theme and color palette. Intentionally styled to stand out from the design themes of the rest of the home, these rooms use colour and vibrant patterns to create a heightened sense of play and whimsy. This enables the buyers to see the versatility of each space, thereby reinforcing the choice of interior design elements forming a simple, neutral canvas.

NH+CG: With such dramatic views outside, how do you choose decorative items that don’t compete with the views?

HDT: We went with a deliberately minimalist approach to selecting decorative items for the show home. “Less is more” becomes an important motto when you can look out any window in your home and see such a breathtaking and vast landscape. Rather than try to compete with the mountains, we opted for modern decorative pieces with organic lines and colours that complemented (but didn’t mirror) the natural palette of the surrounding views.